Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Mutual Theme - Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ (2 Nephi 31:20)

2016 Mutual Theme
designed by Latter Day Ideas
She even defined the theme ... so that we can better understand what we're memorizing

I found these while I was browsing around on Pinterest.

And, well, I thought that these were pretty cool.
The gal (I couldn't find her name) over at Latter Day Ideas did a great job at designing these. I really liked that she wrote up an explanation of the verse ... and at the blog post (linked above), she even told about how she was inspired by the "Get a Grip" Mormonad visual.

I just thought that maybe this might be something that you all might like and be interested in (I'll admit that I love me some printables. And I'm totally for anything that helps me to be a better student of the Gospel. Since, really, I need about all the help I can get).

I hope that you're still all looking for Heavenly Father's influence in your life today (and every other day)!
      Sister Cox

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