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Review - November 22 Lesson - Goals and Making Your Own Decisions

Yes, yes, I know ... it's been a while since I updated this.

HOWEVER, since none of you had read this anyways, I didn't feel TOO guilty. :p

Okay, so we were still working on Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance. And, with my awesome friend, Brooke, visiting class, we talked about making your own decisions and (mostly) about setting goals. (We also had Bishop drop in ... just to make sure that we're doing fine. Which, again, makes it so that we have had visitors in all but, what, two or three classes that I've taught with you all. ... If I were a less confident person, I'd wonder if they didn't trust me! :P)

A great thing is to set those big goals that you MIGHT want to do NOW.
This way, you work towards them ... even if you change your mind, you still have the basics prepared, JUST IN CASE.

Example: You might want to serve a mission. Or get married/sealed in the temple. But you're not TOTALLY sure on that.

What's the harm, then, in going forward with that goal in mind?
By preparing, just in case, you're going to be setting smaller goals/habits. And what habits will those be?
  • Daily prayer
  • Daily scripture study
  • Exercise
  • Living the Word of Wisdom
  • Avoiding pornography/living the Law of Chastity
  • Service
  • Being able to cook and clean up after yourself
  • ... I'm sure there's more, but, well, it's not even 5:20am as I'm typing this. My brain is only starting to work. Go ahead and fill in the blanks. Or ask a current or returned missionary. Or ask one of the Ward Missionaries ... they'll help you to come up with more great habits to develop.
Okay, so when you look at that list, are there any of those habits on the list that are going to be detrimental to your well-being? That will be a total waste of time?

(Truly, I'm looking at that list and just thinking, "Gosh, I need to/could strengthen, like ALL those skills. And I'm getting kinda old. And I've been married for a while ... Daaaaaaaang.)

Also, most of you are getting ready for future education or starting your careers (hey, you can totally get a summer job. Even "just" babysitting or helping with yardwork or something).
You can set yourself up for success in those fields with goals. 

You can choose NOW to decide to:
  • Be honest (because that's a GREAT skill in everyone ... and especially in an employee or boss)
  • Study hard now, so that  you'll already have some basic knowledge for college AND you'll have awesome habits that will help you perform well in college or in the workplace (a lot of professional job require that you continue to receive education or training).
  • Try new things ... an example from my life: when I WENT to college, I didn't declare a major at first. I thought about majoring in history ... but I ended up being an Education major (for early childhood and elementary grades) ... I figured, at that point, it'd be useful for when I was a mother. ... Now, it's a great major. I had lots of wonderful classes and met some really awesome people ... but I also learned (right before I graduated) that I really have no desire to teach in a classroom professionally.
    Does this mean that my education and time and effort was wasted? Oh, heck, no! I learned some great skills, read some wonderful books, and ... after being completely burnt-out at the end, discovered that I really loved volunteering and working in libraries (so, if I go to get my Masters degree, it'll be in Library Science).
  • Develop new skills ... maybe, like me, you'll find that you lose your passion for something that you've prepared for. Still, if you have some great skills, you can list those on your resume. Who knows? Maybe because you have a certain set of unique or (seemingly) unrelated skills, you will be able to get that awesome job you've applied for.
You can have overall goals, too ... just the fun types. Or the less "fun," but still really important ones:
  • Owning your own home (Equity isn't exactly glamorous ... but it's nice to have.)
  • Buying a car (Especially if you're able to pay cash for it. This way you don't have to mess with a car payment. Currently, we don't have a car payment. It's lovely to NOT be paying over $200 a month. More money for books! Or food. Or emergencies. Or whatever we CHOOSE to spend it on.)
  • Traveling
  • Experiences (I have siblings-in-law who've gone bungee-jumping or skydiving. I'm a bit tamer than that. I want to swim with dolphins. Or manatees! Or sea turtles! Or get my SCUBA license! ... I also want to see the Northern Lights. And cosplay at a ComicCon [Doesn't have to be SDCC, since I'm not wild about crowds] ...)
It's important to have some goals of things that are what YOU are choosing to do. That you have a desire to accomplish or work towards. It'll help keep you motivated.

And, as Brooke pointed out, it's not enough to have just that one BIG goal. You need to break it up, make plans, work towards smaller goals that will lead you there ... if you just have a goal, but no deadlines/plans, it's just a wish.

Part of making goals that isn't always discussed is turning to the Lord in this.
Pray about things, especially when you're not sure WHAT you want to do.

Ask for ideas. Listen for inspiration. Act. (Alma 37:37)
Make a plan, pray about it ... and follow the impressions that you receive. (Doctrine and Covenants 9:7-9)
Be sure to conduct your life so that you CAN have the Holy Ghost with you, so you can receive his guidance.
Be proactive. Develop a desire to do good things. You don't have to be commanded about every single, little thing. If you know that you're going to be helping people and drawing closer to the Lord, it's a good thing. (Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-29)

As we develop Christlike attributes, we'll WANT to do good things WITHOUT being commanded to do them. We'll WANT to help those around us. We'll WANT to establish Zion. We'll WANT to let those around us KNOW that they are children of a loving Heavenly Father and how to return to His presence. We'll WANT to do all that we can to help ourselves, our family, our friends, and those friends we haven't made yet (or haven't remade) to prepare ourselves/themselves to be able to return to our Heavenly Father's presence.

When we get to that point, we're going to be really awesome people. Some of us have farther to go to reach that goal ... like your poor teacher, here (:P), but we're all in this together.

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