Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 20 - Preview

I'm taking a huge leap of faith that you'll take time out of your busy weekend to even glance at the blog ... but here goes!

Tomorrow will be another of those wrapping-two-lessons-into-one since these two go together so very well ... and you all usually let me get through most of the material. ;)

The lessons we'll be covering will be the Christmas lesson of "How can I share my testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?" and "What are effective ways to share the gospel with others?"

So, if you could take a few minutes to glance over the lessons and think about how you can share your testimony of Christ's divinity and how the gospel is true and ways that it's changed your life, that'd be amazing. Please think of how you can share that with us in class.

Also, can we think of ways to reach out to the other classmates who haven't been coming to church/class? Because, well, it'd be a really good thing if we let them know that we miss them, that we think about them/are concerned about them, and that we love them ... and, even more importantly, that Jesus and Heavenly Father love them.

Have a wonderful Saturday! I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and your reports about your experiences leading and serving during this last week!

Make me proud! (But not in a pride-is-a-sin kind of way. Ha ha ha.)
     Sister Cox

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