Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gearing Up For Sunday - Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance (November 15)

Okay, class of mine!

I have no idea at all if any of you are even reading this blog at all ... but that's okay.

I figure that, since I've been working on preparing my lesson, I'll let you know a bit about what to expect tomorrow (besides some candy-candy-candy).

Especially after the social media fuss and, now, the tragedy in Paris ... we'll be concentrating on the lesson "How Can I Stand As a Witness of God?"

We'll also probably involve bits from other lessons (overcoming doubt and learning to make our down decisions) ... but the main focus will be on standing as a witness.

Now, since the class is mainly male (and, honestly, I'm going with what I know ... and I've not had the opportunity to be part of the Young Men organization, ha ha), I'm sharing the Young Women Theme:

Notice in that opening paragraph ... that it's IN the opening paragraph -- before anyone has time to lose focus while reading the YW Theme? ... that part about "standing as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places."

(Young Men, don't gloss over it just because it's piiiiiiink. Before WWII, pink used to be a color for boys and not girls. Just sayin'. Besides, I know that you're all too darn awesome to be tied down by cultural constructs that have no dealing with doctrine. :D)

If it's important enough for the Young Women to say this EVERY WEEK, that's pretty darn important. (Except for the new inclusions of Virtue and "strengthen home and family," I still have this memorized from when I was much, much younger. Those new bits do throw me a little. Good thing I had the opportunity to repeat this weekly when I served as YW Secretary. Good times.)

So, please be thinking of scriptural/church history/in-your-life examples of people standing as witnesses (like how one of our classmates was able to influence his friends to not swear around him!) ... as well as musing over ideas of how we can stand as witnesses of God in our lives here and now.

See you all tomorrow!

Be kind to yourself and others. And make sure to be awesome, too!

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