Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Becoming More Christlike: First Take

Due to General Conference and Stake Conference, we only have two classes this month.

And, well, I don't know that we were the most effective on Sunday. Whoops.

But we did get to know more about each other as members of the class shared what had gone on since we'd last met (two weeks ago). And that was a good thing ... maybe not the most spiritual or spiritually-enlightening, but it does make me happy that you all feel comfortable talking with your classmates (and your teacher).

We did briefly hit on the overall theme for our lessons for the month of October: Being More Christlike.

I mean, this is a HUGE topic. It's way too big to cover in four or five weeks; trying to cover it at all in only two weeks is pretty much impossible.
SO, that means that I really do need y'all to work on this outside of class.

There are five overall lessons that we COULD cover:
  •       How can I invite others to become more like the Savior?
  • Truly, that's a LOT to cover. And these are great things to develop.
    It's our overall goal to become more like Christ, our perfect example -- to develop more fully the attributes that He possesses: perfect love, wisdom, charity, compassion, kindness, understanding ... I could go on, but let's just put it this way, if there's ANY WORD that is a word to describe something good/positive/virtuous/etc., He's that.
    (Except maybe for the tasting-type words. But you know what I mean. And I'm sure that none of you are smart-alec enough to bring that up, right? :P)

    We did talk a (very) little about General Conference. One of you was rather impressed with Brother Devin G Durrant's talk, My Heart Pondereth Them Continually ... you remember, the one where he has challenged us all to "ponderize" a scripture every week for the next 52 weeks.

    I SHOULD have written or marked the other talk that one of you found that spoke to you. I believe it was one of President Uchtdorf's talks ... and, since he delivered a FEW talks, it's a little harder to narrow that one down.

    I shared with you a bit from Elder Dale G. Renlund's testimony/talk, Through God's Eyes, which is very applicable to this month's Sunday School theme. Summed up, we need to strive to look at other people through God's eyes, recognizing their individual worth and how VERY much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them. And we, also, should then do our darndest to treat them with that same love. That charity, when we learn to have and practice it, will help us become more Christlike. It will also help others to want to become more Christlike and to return to Him.

    I did also challenge you all to look for opportunities (or MAKE opportunities) for you to practice being Christlike, or leading others to be more Christlike.

    I also extended the challenge that you prepare yourself for Stake Conference ... so that you have questions that you'd like to have answered. And listen for answers to those questions in the speakers' addresses ... or in the feelings and impressions that you receive as you listen.

    I do hope that you're reading your scriptures and saying at least one sincere prayer daily. These are really good habits to cultivate NOW (instead of when you're OLD, like a certain teacher who's still attempting to be better. Seriously, establish those good habits NOW. It's super good advice. I wish I had done it back when I was much, much younger).

    If you have any questions or need some help on a topic, feel free to ask me for help.
    I do hope that you'd also include your parents (it's nice for them to feel needed/appreciated/honored), but I'm more than willing to help research or discuss stuff.

    Hopefully I'll see you all at Stake Conference.
    Remember, it's the WHOLE STAKE meeting at 10 am. If you want a comfy chair, you'd better try and get a seat early.
    If I see you, I'll wave to you!

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