Monday, September 21, 2015

Why am I even writing this blog? (Hey, it's a legitimate question.)

Yesterday was my first time teaching Sunday School for the 12- and 13-year-old class in our ward.

First off, even though I started out a little terrified (We do believe in being honest ...), it was really fun.

I only had five students, but I was glad for the chance to get to know them/you all better.

And, even though I had planned to have a discussion/lesson on commandments (especially on blessings that come from keeping the commandments or how keeping the commandments helps to enable us to live the gospel better), it didn't really happen.

For a rather awesome reason: You guys had questions! And they were GOOD questions!

In fact, they were such good questions that (1) we didn't have enough time to fully answer them and (2), since one of my (many) faults is that I'm not a Scriptorian (YET!), so I failed to give scriptural references to back up my answers to you ... and you DESERVE to have those references.

If these questions are important to you, you bet that they're important to me, too.

Therefore, after I got home from church, I prayed for an idea/answer on how to handle this situation ... and I did receive a prompting (Do you see what a good influence you are on me?). And I checked with our Sunday School President, who gave me permission to go forward with this ... and here we are!

My main goal for this blog is to have a place to post answers to questions in class (or that you post as a comment. You can do that anonymously) and to show HOW I found the answers, so that you will have some ideas of how to search for your own answers to Gospel questions.

Another use for this blog, which I do hope will come in handy, is that you'll be able to use the links on the side to prepare yourself to participate in our Sunday School discussions. I can tell you that it's easier to participate when you've read the material ... and, as your teacher/moderator, it helps ME a ton if you choose to prepare for class in advance.
And I totally understand that you have busy lives of your own ... but, if you CHOOSE to read even a part of the scriptures or talks that are referred to in the lessons, I can testify that you WILL be blessed.

I really am looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.
I promise that I'll be better prepared, too. ^_^

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  1. Have fun. I think this is a great resource and I look forward to reading it weekly!


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