Monday, September 28, 2015

General Conference Preparation

You may not have noticed, but General Conference is here!

I can say that since President Uchtdorf did tell us that what used to be just referred to as the "General Women's Meeting" (and before that was the General Relief Society and General Young Women's Broadcasts) is, indeed, General Conference.

(Here's me getting on my soapbox: YES, Heavenly Father loves the girls/ladies just as much as the menfolk. We're reminded of this lots and lots. No, we don't have the exact same roles and responsibilities, but our Heavenly Father loves ALL his children perfectly.)

Now, I'll confess, I missed taking my older daughter to watch the broadcast at the Stake Center. I plain forgot that it was even happening! (Naughty, naughty Sister Cox!! ... but, do realize that I've never told you that I was perfect. Because I'm SO not. I have PLENTY of room to grow and develop before I reach my goal of perfection.)

After I got through allowing Satan to get me down and berating myself over a dumb mistake, I (figuratively speaking) brushed myself off and allowed myself the chance to repent.
And my daughter and I brought up the broadcast on the internet and watched it at home.
It was very nice ... especially since Brother Cox has never had the opportunity to attend a Women's Conference session before (and, young men, let me tell you, he did have some "holy envy" [this is a phrase taken from Lutheran Bishop Krister Stendahl. "Holy envy" refers to, when you observe and study other religions, trying to understand it, you should leave room for finding things that they have which are worthy of emulation -- Example: I have holy envy for the beautiful, uplifting stained glass windows found in many buildings of other faiths. I also love how many other faiths have practices that, though different than ours, are lovely and help foster charity and unity in their congregations]. Brother Cox especially enjoyed the musical numbers performed during this Women's Conference.

(Because this broadcast is available to all people online, you can easily watch it, regardless of your gender. Just sayin'. I keep thinking about watching the broadcast of Priesthood session while my husband attends at the Stake Center ... I should actually DO it this time, instead of just reading the talks from that session after the fact.)

OKAY, getting back to the point ... There are things that you can do to help yourself prepare for listening to/attending/participating in (I'm making this argument, since we DO have the opportunity to sustain our leaders of the WHOLE church) General Conference.

We can pray and study our scriptures, in an effort to help us be in tune with the Holy Spirit. I hear great stories of people who, as they take notes during Conference, they write down something ... that isn't at all stated in the printed talks (or when rewatching the talks). It would be pretty amazing for that to happen, to know that you received revelation just for you (whether for your life or for dealing with those around you).

We can make a special effort to be reverent while watching/listening to Conference.
(As for me and my house? I find this to be a challenge. Even when my kids are playing "quietly," they're not THAT quiet. :P)
I do my best to focus on the talks and take notes. I try to be charitable and NOT YELL at my (noisy) children.

Another thing that I need to do is to try and make my home (where I will be watching Conference) into a place where the Holy Ghost can be more comfortable. In short, I should clean my house. Not only will it create a better atmosphere here in my home, but I, personally, will be far less distracted if I don't have to stare at messes all over my house.

Brother Cox would remind me to say that we should come up with some questions that we'd like answered. We might not get a whole talk devoted to our questions, but, as we listen, we might hear something that would be a response ... or even just receive impressions as we listen to our loving leaders.

If you didn't watch our first session of Conference, being the Women's Conference, here's the link to that broadcast.
If you're in a hurry and just want to know what was discussed, here's a link to the summaries of the talks given: Conference at a Glance.

I'll miss getting to see you all next week, since I'll be watching Conference at home.
But I am praying that you'll all have a great week and a wonderful Conference experience!

I'd love it if you took some notes so that we can discuss things that stood out to you when I see you again on the 11th!

(And, if you want to read ahead, the outlines for October's discussions are in the links on the left column of the screen.
No pressure ... other than it IS crazy-helpful if you do choose to read and familiarize yourself with what we're discussing. Don't worry! I'll be working at doing the same!)

Happy Conference! See you soon!
     Sister Cox

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